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3 Ways Healthy Snack Packaging Can Boost Your Snack Brand Sales

healthy snack packaging

Eating healthy is good for your body, and offering healthy snacks to consumers is a profitable venture.

When it comes to marketing your snack products, there are several ways that healthy snack packaging can help you boost your sales.

Read on for a list of three ways your packaging can get your brand noticed for a bigger bottom line. Read More…

Food for Fitness: The 7 Best Snacks After a Workout

Woman stretching after a workout

Working out is clearly very important in your fitness journey, but have you ever thought about what type of snacks you should be eating after a workout?

When it comes to your workout routine you can't forget about fueling your body afterward so you can get the best long-term health results.

Keep reading for our guide to the seven best snacks after a workout that you should be eating.

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Snacks for the Heart: 7 Best Food to Improve Cardiovascular Health

pulse snacks from Valley Snack Foods in the shape of a heart

There are heart-focused snacks you can eat each day to keep your heart healthy and strong. Your heart is an important organ in your body that deserves the right nutrients to function properly.

Healthy snacking during the day is also a way for you to stay on track of your diet and to help you stay in shape. Let's take a look at important snacks for your heart's health. Read More…

Clean Label vs Ingredient Transparency: Know the Difference

pulse snacks and other healthy foods in a bowl ready for snacking

Want to eat healthy? Simple! Just stick with an old classic such as the organic grass-fed buffalo burger with non-GMO lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, and rbST free cheese on a gluten-free bun. Right?

If you feel like it requires a double Ph.D. in chemistry and Latin just to make sense of what's in today's food, you're not alone. Add terms such as "ingredient transparency" and "clean labels" into the mix, and it gets even more confusing.

Fortunately, here are a couple of rules of thumb to help you better understand what a clean label is, how it relates to ingredient transparency, and where to get some real food.

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5 Packaging Trends We've Seen in 2019

Do you know how packaging affects consumers?

Companies who do it right understand that the right packaging isn't only a reflection of their brand image. They know that it can also help them land more customers by attracting attention and differentiating their products from their competitors.

Now, if you're thinking of improving the packaging of your products, one thing that could help you is knowing the emerging industry trends. Here, we'll talk about packaging trends that have become popular in 2019 and will continue to be so in the coming years. Read More…